Argentina vs. Chile  0 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
127' Penalty shootout: F. Silva (Chile) scored!
126' Penalty shootout: L. Biglia (Argentina) missed!
125' Penalty shootout: J. Beausejour (Chile) scored!
Penalty shootout: S. Agüero (Argentina) scored!
124' Penalty shootout: C. Aránguiz (Chile) scored!
123' Penalty shootout: J. Mascherano (Argentina) scored!
122' Penalty shootout: N. Castillo (Chile) scored!
Penalty shootout: L. Messi (Argentina) missed!
121' Penalty shootout: A. Vidal (Chile) missed!
120' No time added on - we're headed for penalties!
119' Chile are playing for penalties now as fatigue sets in at the back. Argentina aren't quite keen on tempting fate just yet, and you can hardly blame them considering how penalties failed them in this match last year - but it's looking like that's what it's going to take now to produce a winner!
117' Argentina pour the pressure on and they're coming close with some teasing balls into the box! Bravo claims a cross and quickly launches one forward for Puch, but that's not the route he should have taken as the ball comes right back at the Chile defence who desperately needed a second to breath there!
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